Our Mission

  • ​To deliver first-rate BPO-IT services to all the verticals in the domestic sector at a competitive price and quality that remains unmatched in every way

  • To provide result-oriented, perfect business solutions, enhancing the position of our client among the business community

  • To boost our clients' value proposition by cutting down costs, improving visibility, and augmenting efficiency

Our Vision

  • To distinctly reflect our core philosophy of groundbreaking ideas, traditional values, and constructive outcomes in our daily operations. 

  • To consistently assist our client base in attaining remarkable business transformation by employing all necessary resources to help clients save their valuable time and money.

  • To provide an encouraging and inspiring environment for every employee by setting standards in employee care governance.

Our Story

The organization was established on the guideline of building and executing innovative thoughts that drive progress for customers and improve lives through our solutions. We have been an organization centered around rejuvenating innovative thoughts and endeavor solutions that drive progress for our customers.

But we are not who we say we are without our core values. 

1. Customer Focused : We always focus our attention on our customers’ expectations, so we can surpass them with ease, leading to lasting relationships.

2. Quality Oriented : ‘Quality’ is not just another word but a protocol all of us stringently follow at Divergenz.

3. Equal Opportunities : We don’t believe in being prejudiced and provide equal opportunities to all our employees to achieve growth in our organization.

4. Integrity : We are sincere, transparent, and dedicated to doing what’s best for our clients and our company. We maintain the topmost standards of integrity in our acts.

5. Continuous Learning : In today’s world of digitalization, we keep our employees up-to-date with up-to-the-minute technologies.

6. Happy Place to Be : Divergenz DataTecH is the most satisfying place to work at, as we provide everything needed for our employees’ overall growth and development.

Transform Your Ideas into Reality with Creativity and Innovation

Have you at any point had an exceptional thought for a business, product or service and afterward thought, "Now I am lost - What to do next?" Maybe you have an extraordinary business idea, yet you don't have a clue where to begin. Rejuvenating a thought isn't simple. It requires enthusiasm, persistence, and, in particular, the capacity to execute. The key thing is to begin, so you can move from the thought stage to making a beneficial business. 

That's where our leadership team will come into play. 

Coming with a 21 years of experience in Financial, Client Services, Service Delivery, Migrations & Transformation, the founder and CEO of Divergenz DataTecH provides and proves that the way forward in this new era and in the new normal has to be much more than what we are used to or have been doing. 

"The first step is the difficult one, but the next step is the crucial one" says our CEO

Experienced Leadership